Baseball Rules

Set Up:

The game typically consists of two teams of 2-3 people, one team on each side of a table, and four cups set up on each side. The cups are lined up in a straight line in the middle of the table, in front of each team; representing the bases with the last cup at the edge of the table. Each team has another cup that is set up away from the lined up ones. This cup should be placed along the long side of the table but in the middle or half line. These cups should be across from each other and they are your stealing cups. The cups should be filled to about an inch of beer at all times. *One ping pong ball is needed for this game.

How To Play:

Game play proceeds much like a game of beer pong. The team that is up shoots the ball until they accumulate three outs, via getting 3 strikes, missing the cups, being caught out (which can occur when a ball bounces off a cup and the opposing team catches it), or being thrown out stealing. A strike occurs when the shooter hits the cups but the ball does not go in.  At this point, the other team begins to shoot. Runners on base advance like in real baseball. So if there is a lone runner on second and a single is hit, the runner advances to third. After 7 innings the score is calculated and the team with more runs wins. 


If a player lands the ball in a cup the opposing team must consume that cup and all cups below it, e.g. the second cup is hit (a double) so the second and first cup are consumed. The cups are refilled to the appropriate line and placed back into formation. (Just to clarify, the cup closest to the opposing team is a single, the one after that is a double and so on until the last one at the edge of the table is a homerun)

Each player gets three attempts (strikes) to get a hit (make the ball in one of those cups). The opposing team can field the batter out by catching a foul ball (as described above).

If a person shoots out of order just like in baseball if caught the shooter is not out but the person that was skipped is out.

Base Stealing: 

When there is a batter on base a teammate other than the batter who is up can steal. A steal happens when a teammate yells "Steal!" and runs to their lone cup on the side middle of the table. Someone from the opposing team must run to their's as well. The first person to drink that cup and flip it (like in flip cup) wins. If the offense wins the base is stolen. If the defense wins then the runner on base is out. If there is more than one runner on base, the runner closest to home is the one stealing. So if there is a runner on first and second and there has been a successful steal attempt, only the runner on second will advance to third.

*Contact us with any questions about these rules =)