Beer Ball Rules

Set Up:

Two teams of two set up on opposite sides of a table. Each player places a full, unopened can/bottle of beer on the corners of the table.

How To Play:

A Ping Pong ball is used to throw at the cans/bottles. Each player on a team gets to throw at the other side. Rotating from team to team and player to player. A player must first hit a can before they are able to open their can of beer. If the ball hits the can/bottle the player that made the throw chugs their beer until the person whose can/bottle was hit can touch the ball back to the table and yells “stop”. Once that ball has touched the table the beer drinking must immediately stop. Once you have finished every last drop of your beer you are done. If your partner still has beer left it if up to them to finish for the win. The first team to finish all the beers on their side wins.