Flip Cup Rules

Set Up: 

Players are divided into two even numbered teams and stand on opposite sides of a table (the long sides). The 1st players are at the front of the table facing each other, 2nd players next to them, 3rd players next them etc. and the last players are known as the anchorman (No not like Ron Burgundy).  Everybody has a red cup filled about a third of the way with beer.

How To Play: 

To start each race, the players on the starting side must complete down, up, down: Touch your cups to the table, toast your cups in the air, touch them back to the table and then you're free to start. The 1st player chugs his cup then puts it on the edge of the table right side up hanging off a little bit so he can use a finger to flip it upside down onto the table. He gets as many tries as he needs in order to flip the cup. Only one hand can touch the cup at a time while trying to be flipped. The next player may drink only when the previous player's cup is upside down on the table. First team to finish wins.