Flip Pong (Flong) Rules

Set Up:

Each person stands at each corner of the table. Teammates stand across the table from one another (long ways). Four cups are placed touching each other, in a line in front of each player. Each player fills 1 beer divided into these 4 cups (or more depending on how drunk you want to get.) Each team gets one ping pong ball. 

How To Play: 

Once someone yells "GO!"... Teammates shoot on each other (like in Beer Pong.) Both teams shoot at the same time. The shooting is continuous and there are no breaks. If your teammate makes it into your cup you have to chug your cup and flip it over before you can shoot the ball again (like in Flip Cup.) Once you chug and flip, you can start shooting at your teammate again and that cup is out. If one teammate hits all the cups on his partner’s side, he must keep rolling the ball back, until his partner hits the remaining cups. The first team to completely eliminate all the cups from both their rack and their teammates rack wins the game. There are no re-racks; cups stay in the same spot they started in.